Job Title:Electronic Engineer Apply

Job Title:Electronic Engineer
The Number:1

Job responsibilities:
1 according to PCB design requirements and hardware engineers to complete the work of PCB board;
2 be responsible for Layout PCB preliminary work
3 cross examination and confirmation of PCB output file
4 to help solve the problems encountered in the production of PCB
5 responsible for technical data preparation, technical original records, technical files and archiving ability

Job requirements:
1 communication or electronics related major.
2 have more than two years of experience in layout PCB, digital board, power board, RF board PCB design experience;
3 proficiency in the use of PCB/PROTEL /ALTIUM POWER/ and other design software
4 proficiency in the use of C language and assembly language project design;
5 proficient in single-chip products, familiar with power electronic systems, analog, digital circuits and microcontroller peripheral circuits
6 familiar with embedded Linux platform C development
7 familiar with /MTK STM32 / Qualcomm embedded software development (C language)
8 responsible for the work, can bear strong work pressure;
9 team spirit and professionalism, fast learning ability and good communication skills.
10 have battery, test, equipment and other industry experience is preferred

Job Title:Part time electrical plane design specialist Apply

Job Title:Part time electrical plane design specialist
The Number:1

Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the design of product packaging, promotional materials and advertising company website pictures:
2, collect the information required for product packaging materials;
The outer packing scheme 3, product design;
4, writing and reporting product barcode no.;
5, understand the use of the product function, the preparation of the use of the product specification;
6, drawing the packaging material of the graphics file, the formulation of the detailed list of packaging materials;
7, to provide reference documents for the workshop and the quality control of packaging and testing purposes, to confirm the packing material;
8. Follow up the packing material, follow up and improve the packing process of the finished products.

Job requirements:
1, college or above degree in art related college graduate.
2, can skilled use of graphic design software (Corel DRAW12, Photoshop, AI) and have the electrical products packaging design experience, familiar with electrical products with the basic properties of the packaging materials, output and printing related knowledge to understand.
3, have good professional dedication spirit, honest and trustworthy, with team spirit, self-motivated and strong learning ability, logical thinking, clear, careful, good communication and language expression ability, good work habits.
4, have a higher aesthetic ability, not limited to men and women.

Job Title:Electrical and electronic engineer Apply

Job Title:Electrical and electronic engineer
The Number:1

Job responsibilities:
1, familiar with the company's products, develop and implement the company's QA system
2, responsible for the communication with the certification Consultants Co, familiar with and track the international certification standards update, responsible for the company's products as a whole certification application, testing the application and with the
3, responsible for the daily product sample testing, to control the quality of products
4, company product internal training and technical guidance
5, arrange factory production testing sample detection
6, sales and pre-sales customer service service merchandiser.

Job requirements:
1, college degree or above;
2, lights and other electrical products, LED principle knowledge
2, proficient in standard Mandarin, good English reading and writing ability (can read English authentication information and relevant international conditioning);
3, familiar with computer office software operation;
4, relevant work experience is preferred;
5, good communication skills, serious and responsible work, has the team spirit.
6, the company offers long-term development training, common development. Only short-term office staff declined to plan for.

Job Title:Electronic technician Apply

Job Title:Electronic technician
The Number:1

Job description:
1, responsible for the company's product assembly, debugging, maintenance, development;
2, responsible for the company's products, the pre-sale, after-sales service work;
3, product site installation

Job requirements:
1, college degree or above;
2, familiar with computer hardware information, hardware errors and maintenance problems have a certain understanding;
3, familiar with all kinds of equipment, hardware testing, software installation and use;
4, can accept short-term in the field of business;
5, can the customer maintenance and replacement of the product for the initial detection and maintenance;
6, practical, hard work, good language skills and communication skills;
7, fresh graduates, electronic information engineering technology, automation and mechanical and electrical professional priority, 25 years of age.

Job Title:Product Manager (Electrical) Apply

Job Title:Product Manager (Electrical)
The Number:1

Job responsibilities:
1, according to the company's small household electrical appliances product features and planning, the collection of relevant product information;
2, according to the information collected, put forward new ideas and form a proposal;

Job requirements:
1, familiar with the electrical industry, the small household electrical appliances have a unique view;
2, the market has a keen sense of touch, familiar with the country's small household electrical appliances;
3, a positive wage, looking for all kinds of small household electrical appliances.

Job Title:Electrical Design Engineer Apply

Job Title:Electrical Design Engineer
The Number:1

Job responsibilities:
1, under the guide of system layout and electrical design process, solve the difficult problems of design;
2, design technology conditions of preparation of electrical system book, task, product;
In 3, during the operation of the project technical coordination, assessment and other work;
4, communicate with other departments, so that the design of the Department and other departments to smooth docking technology;
5, change the design to guide the professional departments within the scope (including drawings, models and technical documents etc.);
6, in the technical field of professional technical personnel education and training subordinates.

Job requirements:
1, electronic / electrical design, mechanical design and other related professional, college degree or above;
3, more than 2 years of experience in automotive design, more than 2 models of electrical system design experience;
3, be able to use CATIA, UG, Pro-E and other three-dimensional design software, a kind of;
4, with a strong ability to innovate, logical thinking, communication skills.

Job Title:Electrical structure designer Apply

Job Title:Electrical structure designer
The Number:1

Post qualification:
1 Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design or related;
The design for more than 2.4 years experience in brand air conditioners or all electric appliance products, familiar with the structure and process;
3 familiar with the machining process, such as machine plus, Ban Jin, die casting, injection molding, etc., have a good understanding of the surface process;
Design 4 proficiency in Pro/E, Solidworks, CAD and other software;
5 strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit, good communication and coordination ability.

Job requirements:
Structure design and processing of 1 series of products for electric project;
2 according to the company's development process, the output stage according to the design drawings and documents;
3 responsible for product structure mold follow up, to solve the problems in the process of.

Job Title:Development Department - Structural Engineer Apply

Job Title:Development Department - Structural Engineer
The Number:2

Job description:
Mainly responsible for the development of product structure / household appliances R & D work.

Job requirements:
1) undergraduate degree, majoring in electrical engineering and automation, mechanical and automation related majors.
2) with a bachelor's degree, more than three years of small household electrical appliances mechanical design experience, specializes in 2D / 3D view (proe wirefire 3), requires a solid must have at least 3 years experience. If it is a college degree, five years or above experience.
4) on mechanical engineering, plastic products, household appliances and other structures have more in-depth understanding of the experience is low, but there is a good foundation and development potential of job seekers to consider as an assistant engineer.
5) good habits (smoking habits are not possible);
6) work experience in large power plant is preferred.
English level four or 7), can read and write English Engineering

Job Title:Electrical supplier quality management engineer Apply

Job Title:Electrical supplier quality management engineer
The Number:2

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the quality assurance of electrical parts in the stage of production and production;
2, responsible for supplier quality supervision and quality training;
3, responsible for the quality of parts of the analysis and countermeasures.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2, with 2 years or above related working experience;
3. Familiar with the manufacturing process, quality characteristics, function requirements and parts quality management process of electrical components;
4, master the PPAP implementation method, can guide the supplier to carry out the production preparation and quality training work;
5, skilled use of office software;
6, careful and meticulous work, a strong sense of responsibility, with team spirit.

Job Title:Electrical appliance marketing manager Apply

Job Title:Electrical appliance marketing manager
The Number:3

Job requirements:
1 marketing or management related work experience, experience in small home appliance industry is a plus;
2.23 years old or above, 2 years or above working experience in marketing operation;
3 full of team spirit, strong sense of cooperation and planning ability;
4 independent analysis and problem solving skills, a keen sense of the market, have good communication skills and organizational ability;
5 have a good personal image, have strong language skills, skilled use of computer office software;
6 can accept the long-term business, working under great pressure.

Job requirements:
1 the development of regional market promotion plan
2 execution of marketing activities
3 regional market sales management